Tuesday, September 6, 2016

(Fallen Immortals 3)

Lucian and Arabella's story continues! 

Book 3 of the bestselling FALLEN IMMORTALS series.

Hint: Lucian and Arabella’s story is told in the first three books of the Fallen Immortals series. Leonidas's story is coming up next.

Lucian and Arabella 
Leonidas and ??
Chosen by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 4)...coming soon
Seduced by a Dragon  (Fallen Immortals 5)...coming soon
Touched by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 6)...coming soon 
Lucian is a Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke… and he’s dying.  He has to spawn a dragonling to uphold the treaty that keeps the mortal world safe from the immortal Dark Fae, but a dragon’s mate rarely survives the birth of a young dragon… and he can’t face the horror of another woman’s death on his hands. When he rescues a beautiful woman from a demon roaming the streets of Seattle, he has to seduce her without losing his heart… and before he turns into a feral dragon and breaks the treaty forever.
The FALLEN IMMORTALS series is a modern Beauty and the Beast story with flaming HOT dragon shifters, vengeful Dark Fae, and beguiling fallen angels. 

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