Friday, March 24, 2017

Loved by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 7) - Now Live!

(Fallen Immortals 7)

Book 7 of the bestselling FALLEN IMMORTALS series.

Lucian and Arabella 
Leonidas and Rosalyn
Touched by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 6)
Leksander and Erelah
Loved by a Dragon  (Fallen Immortals 7)
Marked by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 8)...coming soon 
Claimed by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 9)...coming soon
I am a Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke… and I am in love with the wrong woman. 
I never meant to fall for an angeling. And I wasn’t supposed to have the duty of fulfilling a ten-thousand-year-old treaty to protect humanity. But now I’m trapped between the immutable facts of magic and the irresistible force of my love. When a fae queen offers unparalleled sex and an unprecedented renewal of the treaty, the temptation is substantial. If only the prospect didn’t leave me hollow inside…

I am Protector class, Chastity faction—an angeling whose sworn duty and greatest joy is protecting humanity. The House of Smoke is likewise a guardian, and their prince is one of my oldest friends. Any angeling worth her wings would struggle with the Sin of Envy to take my place. But they know not of Leksander’s stubbornness in refusing his duty to mate and produce a dragonling. How hard can it be to win a human’s heart? I would give my life if it would help. All depends upon this…

He must win her heart or finally let her go. Her vow of Chastity means she’s never known love. Either they’ll save the mortal and immortal worlds with a Love that is True… or they’ll bring a Fall like the world has never seen.

The FALLEN IMMORTALS series is a modern Beauty and the Beast story with flaming HOT dragon shifters, vengeful Dark Fae, and beguiling fallen angels. Only readers over 18 should embark on this epic series of dangerous love.


  1. Hey was just wondering when book 8 in the Fallen Immortals will be released? At the end of book7 Loved by a Dragonit said April 2017 but I can't find it anywhere. I'm assuming the date was pushed back for some reason. Can't wait to read more of Leksander and Erelah's story. I love all of your series so far can't wait for more.

  2. I'm with Jennifer H. I'm anxious for Marked By A Dragon to see what happens between Leksander and Erelah! Can we get the updated release date please?